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Repairing or Replacing Your Sewer Line? We Can Take Care of Everything for You

We are a skilled and experienced plumbing company providing professional sewer line repair and replacement services for your property. Our highly trained team of professionals will take care of all your needs from beginning to end. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to provide you with the best possible results and cost-effective solutions.

We are committed to offering the most reliable and affordable sewer repair & replacement services in the area. Our experts work quickly to diagnose and resolve any issues with your sewer line, whether it's a collapsed section of pipe or a more complex issue like a septic stink from an old toilet. With competitive prices, quick turnaround, and quality workmanship, Rooter Services LA is the best option for your sewer repairs and replacement needs.

If you’re not sure whether you need a sewer line repair or a replacement, our specialist can help you with a quickly diagnose and expert advice. For instance, here are some common signs of a damaged sewer pipe:

Drains emit a bad smell
The water in your sink, bathtub, shower, or commode has backed up
Water pools around the shower drain
The water in your sink, bathtub, shower, or commode is draining slowly
You notice or hear bubbling in your toilet
Flowing water from a cleanout
Water pools on the floor near the bathtub or sink

If you're noticing some or all of these problems with your sewer line, we can provide you with an estimate on repairing or replacing it.

Cost-Effective Solutions for All Types of Sewer Line Problems

Quality Services

We've been handling sewer repairs and replacements for years and offer our services at a fair price. Our team has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Our goal is to provide you with a top-notch result at an affordable price!

Repair & Replacement

At Rooter Services LA, we understand the importance of maintaining a reliable sewer system. That's why our team provides quality repair services and replacement options to prevent further damage and ensure that your sewer is functioning smoothly at all times.



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Every day, people across Los Angeles rely on Rooter Services LA to provide them with effective, long-lasting solutions. There's never a job too big or too small for our team of experts. Contact us today to experience the benefits of our exceptional service.

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